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Array ( [user_id] => 11231 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 62642888 [name] => Sue Clark [position_for_display] => Principal [mobile] => 03 6264 2888 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Sue Clark is the Principal/Director of Tasmanian Private Realty. Sue has been involved in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years now and has gained the respect of many of her peers for her achievements in branching out on her own and setting up a Company that has become the market leader in the area.

Sue began her Real estate career at the age of 40 with a young child (Angela) and 3 older children.

All of her children have worked for the Company over the years and are committed to keeping the Company as leaders in the Industry.

She has 12 grandchildren and loves to have the family all together on special occasions.

Sue has been a member of the Huon Valley council for several years and is well known in the community.

She is also an avid sports person and has achieved many trophies in all activities that she takes part in. She is very competitive and that has assisted her in her career in Real Estate. She does not give up easily and that means she works hard to achieve a good outcome in whatever she does.

Sue is always looking for new and upmarket ideas to keep ahead of the opposition and is never afraid to try something different.

She is very proud of her family and her loyal employees who have achieved some outstanding results both for themselves and for the Company! [group] => Sales Agent [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
Sue Clark
  • Sue Clark

Array ( [user_id] => 11244 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 62642888 [name] => Maree Griggs [position_for_display] => Managing Director [mobile] => 0419 524 925 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Prior to joining TPR, Maree had a sound background in financial management with various companies both locally and interstate. She was excited to join the family business and after 8 years experience in sales and property management she was able to juggle her commitment to her work with a young family and in 2005 achieved her Diploma in Property which then saw her promoted to General Manager of the company.

Her commitment to the policies and procedures of the company have helped ensure that staff are always looked after in a fair manner and has earned her the respect of her team members. Maree has since been appointed a Director of the Company and took on the role of Managing Director. She strives to ensure the high standards of efficiency and customer service of the company are continued and improved so that TPRs leadership in the industry continues to grow and that we maintain our 'Number 1' status in the south of the state.

Her leadership, expertise and guidance will ensure the team at TPR build strong and lasting relationships with our clients through our outstanding quality of service. Maree aims to ensure we maintain our reputation built on Trust, Professionalism, Respect and Honesty within the industry and will ensure TPR exceeds the expectations of our clients through quality service, high standards and integrity at all times. [group] => Other [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
Maree Griggs
  • Maree Griggs

Array ( [user_id] => 11246 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 62642888 [name] => Ken Studley [position_for_display] => Sales Manager [mobile] => 0427 701 709 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Ken Studley is the Auctioneer and Sales Team Leader at TPR Property Group and has been successfully listing and selling properties in the Huon Valley since January 2005. Ken is a fifth generation local with a wealth of knowledge on the area and has been the leading sales person for the company for the last 8 years. Ken specialises in rural, farm and hobby farm sales and along with significant residential and subdivision experience in aiding developers to succeed, he is the go to man in the company for all real estate matters. He has a flair for exclusive property presentation with proven multiple sales of million dollar properties and he treats every sale with the same professional respect regardless of the value.

If you are searching for an agent to help you sell or buy property then please call Ken Studley on 0427 701 709 absolutely any time at all.

Testimonial from
Anne and Terrence Kirby-Fahey.

We decided to use Ken Studley at TPR to assist us in selling our property after having interviewed several real estate agents.

We wanted someone with enthusiasm for our property and what we had created ; someone who had proven and sustained energy for the task; importantly someone with similar standards who would represent us well.

Even though selling property is a commercial transaction we had put a lot into creating our home – and Ken certainly appreciated that. The key for us was working as a team to achieve the desired outcome. He was very much a ’partner’ in keeping us informed and up to date on progress and making suggestions regarding the on-going presentation requirements and value.

He was always willing to spend as much time as necessary taking vendors through the house, across the river and over the acres – and seemed to enjoy doing it! We were very pleased when the property sold within 3 months in a difficult market and in the higher price bracket. Ken is a man of integrity. We would highly recommend him.
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Ken Studley
  • Ken Studley

Array ( [user_id] => 142894 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 6264 2888 [name] => Paul Noble [position_for_display] => Senior Property Consultant [mobile] => 0407 055 514 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Originally born in England & raised in NSW, Paul and his wife moved to Tasmania 25 year ago for a chance at the hobby farm lifestyle & peace full country living.

For the past 16 years he has enjoyed assisting people with the sale and purchase of their homes in the Huon Valley. In that time as a Real Estate Agent in the Huon Valley, he has earned a reputation for honesty & reliability & the ability to negotiate the best price for his vendors.

Paul is a qualified auctioneer & has a Diploma in small business certification. As a small business owner he has gained vast experience with commercial & small business sales & would like to assist you to get the best price possible.

Please contact Paul if he can assist you in any way on 0407 055 514
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Paul Noble
  • Paul Noble

Array ( [user_id] => 18864 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 6264 2888 [name] => Ian Bendall [position_for_display] => Property Consultant [mobile] => 0406 751 222 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => With over 20 years’ experience in negotiating complex sales in Real Estate and the corporate world, Ian brings to TPR a professional, committed approach to sellers and buyers of property in the Huon Valley and surrounding regions.
Ian and his family both live and work in the valley and have a strong and active commitment to the local schools, clubs and business community. Ian is very approachable and will make you feel at ease regardless of your situation or stage in the property transaction process, he will always go out of his way to ensure that the practice of selling or buying is as rewarding and seamless as possible for all parties.

Ian can be contacted anytime on 0406 751 222 or in our Huonville office on (03) 6264 2888.

Call Ian today for Real Estate solutions 7 days a week.

TESTIMONIALS: I can thoroughly and whole heartedly endorse the skills of Ian Bendall as a property consultant. I was recommended and introduced to Ian through the school community as a person who could get results as we had had a bad run with our previous agent. Ian gave an honest assessment of the value of our property, made recommendations on what could be improved, positioned our property to better attract the buyer, and sold our house within weeks of changing the listing to him. It was certainly refreshing! Mr & Mrs Young Nichols Rivulet

Listing our property through TPR has proven to be a good decision as our was sold quickly by Ian, a senior sales consultant. What I particularly appreciated in my dealings with Ian is that he does not seem to be stuck in old routines of doing things. Ian has a flexible and open attitude trying different approaches selling our property. He has also always promptly replied to our phone calls or emails, which for me is an indication that he will have dealt with potential buyers in the same respectful manner. If Ian was unavailable the other TPR consultants were all well informed and able to answer our questions. I can only highly recommend TPR to anyone looking for a trustworthy real estate agent. Cheers, Elleke.

I just wanted to thank you for all your work assisting me to sell my property in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. When I started this journey I interviewed 3 other agents from a range of companies, all of whom focussed on a much lower price that was guaranteed to get a quick sale and their commission within 2 weeks of listing, as a seller this is not what I wanted to hear and not what I believed was is in my best interests. Whilst advertising lower with an expectation of bargaining potential purchasers up is one tactic the price they were quoting was considerably lower and I believe I would have ended up out of pocket on what you achieved for me. I wanted someone who would accurately price my property according to the market and actively work on conversion of viewings to offers - which you did successfully. Your price was accurate based on the level of interest shown and the numerous sales opportunities discussed. You kept me up to date on each viewing, actively followed up with potential buyers and were professional in everyway. You invested many hours into travelling to and from the rural property, showing the property and keeping me informed, much of which was outside of standard business hours.
Many thanks for your assistance and support during a stressful time due to family illness, your caring manner and professionalism was a pleasure to deal with and made a relocation interstate that little bit less stressful. I wish you every success in the future. [group] => Other [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
Ian Bendall
  • Ian Bendall

Array ( [user_id] => 72088 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => [name] => Treena Warwarek [position_for_display] => Property Consultant [mobile] => 0427 805 865 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Treena has a reputation for sincere regard and empathy for other people, honest and professional. Motivated and enthusiastic approach to marketing and negotiations. Treena is committed to achieving the best results, providing support and helping to make the sales process a less stressful period. Licensed Real Estate Agent – REIT ACHIEVEMENTS. Breaking sales records, raising the bar and setting new benchmarks for property sales and customer service in the Huon Valley.
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Treena Warwarek
  • Treena Warwarek

Array ( [user_id] => 185509 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 6264 2888 [name] => Kim Wilson [position_for_display] => Property Consultant [mobile] => 0439 100 655 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => [group] => Sales Agent [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
Kim Wilson
  • Kim Wilson

Array ( [user_id] => 11285 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03 62981880 [name] => David O'Neill [position_for_display] => Sales Consultant [mobile] => 0448 584 861 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => David O'Neill, is a local Huon boy having a strong tie to the community through his family who have all lived and worked in the area for many years.

David has a wife and young daughter and he has strong family beliefs. He has gained valuable experience in several industries over the past 15 years giving him a sound background and a strong work ethic.

His honesty and eagerness to succeed with his career in Real estate has proven to be a great asset and he has become a valued member of the sales team. David has had an enjoyment of most sports over the years, having served as Commodore of the Huon Yacht club , he has made many friends from his involvement in all that he has participated in.

David is easily approachable, honest and with a great knowledge of the Huon Valley and its surroundings he will do his best to honour the Trust, Professionalism and Respect that all staff at TPR are required to uphold. Please call David anytime on 0448 584 861 [group] => Other [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
David O'Neill
  • David O'Neill

Array ( [user_id] => 140905 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 6264 2888 [name] => Nick Clark [position_for_display] => Maintenance Manager [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => [group] => Other [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 0 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
Nick Clark
  • Nick Clark

Array ( [user_id] => 205768 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 03626 42923 [name] => TPR Property Management [position_for_display] => [mobile] => 03 6264 2923 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => [group] => Other [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 0 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
TPR Property Management
  • TPR Property Management

Array ( [user_id] => 210858 [office_id] => 1134 [email] => [fax] => [business_phone] => 6264 2888 [name] => Renee Vanson [position_for_display] => Property Consultant [mobile] => 0417 535 112 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] =>
I started my career in the real estate industry in 2001 as a property consultant with TPR with outstanding results spanning over 11 years.
I took a well-earned break in 2012 to be a mum and spend time with my beautiful family and to assist with the running of the family business.
I have since returned to my position of property consultant with TPR and I am specialising in my former locality of the Huon Valley as well as the fast growing Kingborough region and the greater Hobart area.
During my down time, I volunteer my services as a volunteer ambulance officer with Ambulance Tasmania, based in Huonville. I have been doing this for 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy putting back into the community of the Huon Valley and surrounds.
I would like to welcome all past and present clients and look forward to hearing from you in relation to a successful sale for your property.
A local, experienced consultant, providing honest service you can trust.
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Renee Vanson
  • Renee Vanson