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Step by step guide to buying property

Here is a brief overview of the steps you should consider when buying real estate in Tasmania, and some suggestions about how I can assist.

Suggested Steps How we can help
1. Assess your financial situation and borrowing capacity if necessary Contact us for advice
2. Decide on the suburbs you are interested in
3. Research property prices and demographics in the chosen suburbs
4. Find potential properties Let us help you
5. Inspect the properties Contact us to arrange inspections
6. Decide on the suitability of the property, and the price you are prepared to offer Request a Sales History Report
7. Put in an offer:(a) sign a Contract of Sale noting any Special Conditions making the contract subject to building inspections or finance etc.(b) Pay a deposit to the selling agent and receive a trust account receipt The selling agent should guide you through this process, or you can contact us if you need assistance.
8. The listing agent will then submit the Contract of Sale to the seller. Assuming your offer is accepted, it will be signed and dated by the seller and you will be contacted.
9. Assuming any special conditions are met (such as finance approval, and building inspections etc) your nominated solicitor or conveyancing agent will then complete the transaction.