Danielle Daniell

Danielle has over 12 years of sales and customer satisfaction experience, this shines true to her 5-star reputation. With a diploma in Real Estate and standing beside her husband in a dynamic real estate duo aka ‘Team Daniell’ she is ready to tackle any property venture that comes her way.

Her in depth knowledge and genuine care factor for all her clients is what makes her the approachable and trustworthy Real Estate Agent that she is, with return business always coming her way.

Danielle has a vast cultural background and understanding, she has moved overseas and interstate numerous times, thus she knows just how important every aspect of the real estate journey is. She understands that selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you can make and even after so many years of sales experience she does not take representing someone’s biggest asset for granted.

Danielle’s caring and understanding personality shines through to all her clients, they feel comfortable knowing that she is handling the sale process with much poise, respect and determination. Along with her excellent negotiation skills, she has the ability to eliminate the pressure from intense moments for both sellers and buyers.

2019-2020 Gold Award for selling over 6.68 million dollars worth of property
2019-2020 Most Improved Salesperson
2021-2022 Platinum Award for selling over 9.7 million dollars worth of property
2022-2023 Gold Award for selling over 6.24 million dollars worth of property
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