The most important objective for all of us is the “Selling Price”and it is very important that your property is priced to meet the market.

Here are a few tips on how you can work towards achieving the best possible price for your home


The marketing of your property is the single most important part of achieving the best price for you, the seller. The Agent has the knowledge and the means to recommend the best possible way to market your property with Drone photography, floor plans, Internet, print media exposure and prominent signage. Make sure you choose an Agent that you feel you can trust to do their best  and can offer you the exposure your property needs to obtain the best price.


First impressions are most important so make sure your lawns are mown and the yard is tidy. The front yard immediately reflects the inside condition of your house to the buyer and they may not want to look inside if your yard is untidy and unkept.

When you open the door the house should be clean fresh and tidy with clean carpets , always a winner and make sure all of your personal “clutter” is removed and stored away including fridge magnets, kids drawings and excess personal photos. This will give the home a feeling of more space and will help to sell your home.

Most of these tasks can be completed by the seller themselves which helps keep the costs down and can make a huge difference to the presentation and therefore the price of the property.


Paint is your best improvement investment for getting a better price for your home. Give a fresh coat of light, neutral coloured paint to make your house look brighter and cleaner. Consider hiring a handyman to do those small jobs like, re-grouting, fix dripping taps or laying new carpet if needed.


Most agents will insist on having access to keys as they do not have time to chase around finding keys and returning them. You could miss out on a sale if the Agent does not have access. Some buyers may be on a time limit and may have to catch a plane home and you could miss out on a sale.

Make sure when the home is being shown that the lights are on, drapes are open, maybe some soft music playing but most of all make sure that you let the Agent do their job and take the kids and pets for a short walk.


A top selling agent will know how to negotiate the sale to suit both the buyer and the seller. Sometimes buyers will offer lower prices and you may feel insulted with the price offered but you then have the opportunity to come back with a counter offer and the Agent will act on your behalf to get the best possible price. Sometimes if you are lucky there could be two buyers and the Agent will then act on your behalf to get all offers presented to you. Often when this happens you may achieve a higher price than the asking price which of course makes the seller very happy.